is a music label based in Melbourne Australia.
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Big Oil Cassette

Here at Data Arts Group, we're proud to present our first physical piece 'Big Oil'.

Big Oil is a split release created and placed together by local Melbourne electronic artists "Big Yawn" and "Oil". On 'Big Oil' you will find five post-industrial compositions created in the mid-outer suburbs of Melbourne by underground semi-veterans Kinlay Denning, Tim Slattery and Mat Spisbah.

Texture, rhythm, coldness, abrasiveness and dank atmosphere can be descriptors of this release.

You can buy 'Big Oil' on cassette tape (limited quantities of course) or in Digital. Yes the cassette version has a download code!

released August 6, 2017

Inosphere Cassette

Data Arts Group's second release is an EP by one of the group's founders, inosphere. Within the tracks collated on this self titled EP, the listener will discover a playful balance of basic samples, synthesis and structure that ties together to become something vaguely reminiscent of early British techno and maybe 80's Australian no-wave. inosphere chose to create these songs predominately on early 90's rack samplers such as the Akai s1000 and the EPS 16+, while mixing-down on a Tascam m-1600. Please enjoy.

released May 15, 2019